When Worlds Collide: Stormtroopers vs Aliens!

When it comes to fan favorite properties, one things fans like to do is imagine what it would be like if two were mashed up. We’ve had two favorites already together with Aliens and Predator, but unless they are owned by the same company it is rare to see this happen. Artist Guillem Pongiluppi has brought together two very popular sci-fi properties in this Stormtroopers vs Aliens piece, causing my mind to be blown! What a fantastic creation in this piece. Next to the Star Wars: Death Troopers book, where Star Wars and zombies crossed over, this might be my next favorite mash-up. You can check out the Stormtroopers vs Aliens piece, along with many other fantastic pieces of Guillem’s work on his personal site, and ArtStation page. (Via Kotaku)


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