Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 7: “The Supreme Pupil”

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

For those that are keeping track and interested, the events of this episode are from the first half of Volume 4 of the One-Punch Man manga.

From the opening of this episode of One-Punch Man, you know that this is going to be a big one. A giant meteor has changed course and is now heading towards Earth, or more specifically towards City Z. The Hero Association calls in their S Class heroes, but get no responders to this disaster. Genos is called into action and when he arrives at the Hero Association City Z headquarters, he is met by Bang, Class S rank 3, a.k.a. Silver Fang. This is where Genos, and us the viewers, learn that this is considered a threat level, Dragon, a worst case scenario.

After being told that all other S Class heroes wouldn’t come to help, Genos runs to help and try to stop the fall of the meteor to save City Z and his master, Saitama. This is where we are introduced to the hero, Bofoi, a.k.a. Metal Knight. It is revealed that this powerful hero that takes cues from Iron Man, is only there to test his latest weapon and doesn’t really care about the city or the people in it. Genos steps up — after Metal Knight’s attempt to stop the meteor with his new weapon — and unleashes his new upgrade. Just when it looks like he might be the one to stop it, it becomes clear that something more powerful is needed.

Enter Saitama.

After telling Bang to help Genos, Saitama unleashes his strength upon the meteor and shatters it. Though he does stop it, there is quite the fallout from the fragments, laying waste to much of City Z. All of this is just in the first half of the episode too!

The Good: Seeing Genos cutting loose to save City Z and his master, Saitama. The Tank-top Brothers — Tiger and Black Hole — they the are perfect comedy relief.

The Bad: Honestly, each week I try to find something that I don’t like, but this show is just too much fun. It doesn’t take itself serious at all, and is a blast to watch.

Overall, One-Punch Man episode 7 is one hell of a ride. From the intense action of the first half to the emotion in the second half. There are plenty of laughs in between as well. Definitely check it out!

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 6: “The Terrifying City”

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Since the last episode of One-Punch Man, it has been five days when Saitama and Genos became professional heroes and registered with the Hero Association and are now part of the Hero Registry. This is something that Saitama has very much wanted and hopes that it will turn things around for him. But when Genos informs him that any C-class heroes that don’t fight any bad guys after week, will lose their hero registry status due to inaction, Saitama becomes very distraught and worried.

So he sets out to find a bad guy to fight, even though there isn’t much going on. After a day of frantically running around City Z, he decides to head home. The following day he sets out again, only to be attacked by Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and becomes annoyed by him. Saitama is then mistaken for a bad guy when a little girl accuses him of being one because he has been running around with a crazed look trying to find bad guys, but at the same time scaring people.

This brings Tank-Top Tiger (gotta love the superhero and villain names) to the fight. Saitama and Tank-Top Tiger have an exchange of words because of the reports of a crazed person running around the city. Eventually he is taken out by Speed-o’Sound Sonic because he still wants to fight Saitama and then a fight between them breaks out. If you want to call it that.

Meanwhile the Hero Association is keeping an eye on things and doing their daily reports when word of monsters in the “ghost town” of City Z has caught their attention. Two A-class heroes are dispatched to investigate, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, and they soon discover what can be best described as a Kamen Rider or Power Rangers villain that consists of something covered in resembling that of kombu seaweed. A fight ensues between the monster, who later identifies itself as “The Ghost Town Monster” and the two A-class heroes.

After the fight with Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, the monster becomes bored and decides maybe it won’t stay there, but it soon comes in contact with Saitama who is walking home from the grocery store. The story cuts from the monster about to attack him to Saitama cooking in the kitchen with a pretty funny ending.

Even though the monster was recognized as a threat and took down two A-class heroes, Saitama never receives the recognition for stopping it. He once again goes unnoticed for this heroic deed. At this time it seems this is also unknown to Saitama as well and how he will react remains to be seen.

The Good: The fight scene between Saitama and Speed-‘o-Sound Sonic was pretty darn funny. The monster roaming the “ghost town” of City Z was another nice nod to the tokusatsu genre, especially following Mumen Rider from episode 4.

The Bad: Too short! Each fight scene could have easily been a little longer.

Overall this was another hilarious episode One-Punch Man and well worth the viewing. I can’t say enough good things about this series. If you are not watching it, the you are definitely missing out.

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 5: “The Ultimate Master”

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Following last week’s episode of One-Punch Man, Saitama and Genos have registered with for the Hero Registry with the Hero Association. They are now taking their registration exams to see if they have what it takes to be superheroes. Saitama more than excels at the physical test and shatters any record previously set. He even makes many applicants decide to just give up, this coming after they laughed at him before he began the tests.

Both end up passing their exams and becoming full-fledged members, with Saitama being given a C-rank and Genos the more favorable S-rank in their hero registration. But as we quickly learn the Hero Association has been watching Genos and that there is an ulterior motive to their generous acceptance of him into the organization.

Soon afterwards, Genos asks Saitama to a training bout and wants him to go all out in this fight. Well Genos quickly learns he is not even close to the level of Saitama, who even after showing that his new cyborg body certainly has some impressive upgrades that include some heavy-duty firepower, but are still no match for Saitama who with one-punch that never directly touches Genos, lays waste to the surrounding area.

The two decide to get something to eat where they have an eating contest that results in a surprise win. Genos is paid a visit by Amai Mask, an A-rank 1 hero from the Hero Association, who wanted to meet and have a few words with him.

This all leads to something unveiling something suspicious with the Hero Association and their interest in Genos. Are they part of the House of Evolution? Are they something far more sinister? Will Saitama finally be recognized as a hero?

The Good: The sparring fight scene between Saitama and Genos is pretty amazing. The choreography and animation are top-notch.

The Bad: Honestly, I haven’t a bad thing to say about this series yet. It is just a lot of fun.

Overall, One-Punch Man episode 5 continues the fun and sets up a new ongoing storyline for at least another episode or two. This follows the third volume of the manga series.

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 4: “The Modern Ninja”

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Today brings us another hilarious episode of One-Punch Man. I once again found myself laughing out loud as the episode went on. The episode titled, “The Modern Ninja,” takes us through the second half of Volume 2 of the manga. I did notice that some of it was done in a slightly different order, but nothing major.

The episode feature more spoofs of other Japanese shows, this time around Kamen Rider was the target with Mumen Rider. He is introduced getting a balloon out of a tree then heading off (on his bicycle) to stop Hammerhead and his group called “The Paradisers” (all of which are bald), who just stole some battle suits. And just when you think you are going to see some great animated action, well instead you get a hilarious moment.

The Paradisers are modern-day “Robin Hood” extremists. They are looking to change the balance between the rich and the poor through extreme force. When their target is Zeniru, the richest man in the city, the chaos begins. It is then reported that any bald men should avoid the area and stay home to avoid being confused for one these “terrorists.” Well as you can imagine, this makes Saitama quite upset and puts him on a path for The Paradisers.

But Saitama is not the only one, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic has been sent by Zeniru to dispose of The Paradisers and pretty much does just that. Only Hammerhead escapes and ends up being confronted by Saitama, whom takes care of the last of The Paradisers. But not before he becomes concerned about not being recognized as the hero he is.

Saitama is then confronted by Sonic, who thinks he has the upper hand on him, but quickly learns he does not. After Saitama accidentally punches Sonic in the testicles, they are declared rivals by Sonic who swears to train and take him down. Saitama almost seems happy about this when it is all said and done.

By the end of the episode Saitama and Genos are back at Saitama’s apartment where he appears to be really upset about not being recognized and confused for one of the bald Paradisers terrorists. This is when Genos tells him about the Hero Registry and Hero Association, where once he becomes registered, will become a famous here.

The Good: The balance of action and comedy continues to be a good one. I find myself entertained and wanting more. The nods to Kamen Rider and what I’m guessing is Metal Gear Solid, plus some others — was great to see as well.

The Bad: Is it next week yet?

Overall, this was another solid episode of One-Punch Man. It hit the marks from start to finish and I definitely suggest checking it out.

Adult Swim Delivers The Goods, A New VENTURE BROS. Season 6 Trailer

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Looking for a pick me up on a Monday afternoon? Well then Adult Swim has something for you in the form of a new trailer for The Venture Bros. Season 6! The trailer is full of all kinds of silly shenanigans and nods to pop culture that it might just make your brain explode. Just kidding, but it definitely looks like this season is going to be a lot of fun, I mean Nathan Fillion returns as the Brown Widow and poops his pants. Okay, so he really doesn’t, but it’s still funny.

The new season of The Venture Bros. is set to premiere on Sunday, February 7, 2016 on Adult Swim.

The wait is almost over. Early 2016.

Posted by Adult Swim on Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 3: “The Obsessive Scientist”

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

In the third episode of One-Punch Man, Saitama and Genos learn information about The House of Evolution and its founder Dr. Genus from one of their opponents in the last episode, Armored Gorilla.

The show continues to follow the manga chapters, almost to the panel. So if you have read any of the manga, then you know where this is going, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

After finding their hideout, we are introduced to The House of Evolution’s most powerful and feared agent, Carnage Kabuto! As you can imagine, this character is extremely over-the-top in every way, his appearance and actions.

Genos ends up his first casualty, or so it seems, but after returning to fight Carnage Kabuto the heroes and villains end up in a standoff.

We later learn the secret to Saitama’s strength, which causes everyone to lose their mind, including Genos. Is this all there is to One-Punch Man’s power? Only time will tell.

The Good: The story is hilarious and the fight scenes are great to watch. They hyper-action and animation are done to perfection. The calm demeanor of Saitama makes me laugh in just about every scene he’s in.

The Bad: Waiting a week between episodes. Seriously, this series has been a blast to watch from the start.

Overall, ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 3 is another great episode and if you haven’t checked out the series yet, what are you waiting for?