Tamashii Nations Releases Official Images of Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) Patlabor: TYPE-7 Brocken

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Almost two weeks ago we got a tease from Tamashii Nations of the next figure in the Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) Patlabor series, the TYPE-7 Brocken.

Now we have some official images to check out with pre-orders to open on Thursday, Dec. 1st. The TYPE-7 Brocken comes with three sets of interchangeable hands, two guns (40mm rapid-fire cannon and 105mm cannon), and a traffic light on a pole with a guard rail.

The Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) Patlabor: TYPE-7 Brocken is priced at 7,560 yen (about $67 USD) and is expected to ship in April 2017.

Kickstarter Project: IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT 1/12th Scale Toy From 1000toys

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Initially, the IZMOJUKI started in 2000 by Japanese mechanic designer Junji Okubo. Its base concept, “laboring robots in urban areas of the near future,” takes a step further from the boundaries of contemporary Japanese mechanical design.

Now joining forces with 1000toys, fans will soon be able to own their very own 1/12th scale IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT toy. They are doing this Kickstarter to offer fans the opportunity to get exclusive color options for the IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT, which will only be available through this crowdfunding option.

Along with the exclusive color options, there are discounted pledge options too. A limited number, 200 to be specific (of which 70 are left at this time), will be priced at $96, discounted by 40% from the $160 SRP. Once those are fully pledged for, there will be an unlimited number priced at $120, discounted by 20% from the SRP, for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

So, if you are interested in robots and looking for something a little different, then I suggest heading on over to the IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT Kickstarter and pledging today!

Tamashii Nations Reveals First “Enemy Labor” With Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) TYPE-7 Brocken

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Over on the official blog for Tamashii Nations, they have posted another look at their Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) Patlabor Ingram Units 1 and 2. The Ingram Unit 1 is available now from select import retailers and the Ingram Unit 2 is available for pre-order currently as a TamashiiWeb Exclusive.

But the great thing about these new images is that they reveal the first of the “Enemy Labor” units with the Robot Spirits (SIDE LABOR) TYPE-7 Brocken! This version of the TYPE-7 Brocken Labor in blue is from the Patlabor TV series, versus the red coloring in the OVA.

More details are to come soon, which includes accessories and pricing along with a pre-order date.