Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 7: “The Supreme Pupil”


For those that are keeping track and interested, the events of this episode are from the first half of Volume 4 of the One-Punch Man manga. From the opening of this episode of One-Punch Man, you know that this is going to be a big one. A giant meteor has changed course and is now heading towards Earth, or more specifically towards City Z. The Hero Association calls in their S Class […]

Review: Limbo #1, Magic, Murder and Mystery In The South

Released this week from Image comes Limbo #1 from pretty much unknown writer Dan Watters and artist Caspar Wijngaard. The series takes place (so far) in Delande City — something that resembles New Orleans — in the deep South. But like the city it takes inspiration from, Delande City has something dark and sinister hiding in the shadows. There is magic, murder and mystery lurking there. We are introduced to Clay, an […]

Review: Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift #1, Fans Will Enjoy More Story of Jaegers and Kaiju


In 2013 the Pacific Rim film was not the only story told from that universe, there was also a graphic novel prequel story, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero. Since then fans have wanting more. More stories with the Jaegers and Kaiju and Legendary has been listening. This past week through their comic book imprint, Legendary released Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift #1. The new official series is from writer Joshua […]

Review: Paper Girls #2, The Adventure Continues To Hook You With More Mystery

I reviewed the first issue of Paper Girls, the creator owned series from Brian K. Vaughn (Saga) and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman), and instantly fell in love with it. It kicked things off with the right amount of mystery and nostalgia. By the end of the issue we were left with so many questions and no answers. Things picked it right where that issue left off and the Paper Girls are not […]

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 6: “The Terrifying City”


Since the last episode of One-Punch Man, it has been five days when Saitama and Genos became professional heroes and registered with the Hero Association and are now part of the Hero Registry. This is something that Saitama has very much wanted and hopes that it will turn things around for him. But when Genos informs him that any C-class heroes that don’t fight any bad guys after week, will lose their […]

Good Smile Company Unveils Nendoroid One-Punch Man Saitama!

Hold on, I’m still smiling from ear-to-ear right now. See Good Smile Company has unveiled the latest in their Nendoroid lineup and it is non other than One-Punch Man! Based on the hit manga and new anime series (see my reviews here), they has captured Saitama (aka One-Punch Man) in perfect Nendoroid form. The figure comes with an interchangeable facial expression for a more serious Saitama, plus an interchangeable set of crossed […]