HEROCROSS Announces Hybrid Metal Figuration #019S and #019C Star Wars Sandtroopers

Who doesn’t need another Stormtrooper for their collection? That’s why HEROCROSS has announced the addition of two more Hybrid Metal Figuration (HMF) Star Wars Sandtrooper variation figures.

These alloy and plastic hybrids feature a super-deformed likeness of the backbone to the Empire’s forces. The variations feature a white pauldron (#019S) and a black pauldron (#019C) Sandtrooper designating different ranks from the previously released and in-stock, Sandtrooper #019.

They feature metal alloy constructed torso and limbs, with 20 points of articulation. Both versions of the Sandtrooper come with the standard issue E-11 blaster. The black pauldron Sandtrooper (#019C) also comes with the DLT-10 Heavy blaster, and the white pauldron Sandtrooper (#019S) comes with the RT-97C Heavy blaster.

Both are priced at $77 USD with pre-orders open now, and are expected to ship in Mid-December 2016.

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