Detroit Shows Graffiti Is Not Ugly, Artists From Around The World Paint Eastern Market For Murals in the Market!

This week in Detroit, Michigan, there has been a fantastic event taking places, the Murals in the Market. Over 45 local and international artists have come to Detroit to partake in a design festival, this includes graffiti art all around the Eastern Market. If you have been there before, you have seen some of the amazing and crazy pieces of art that was featured on the buildings in the market area. Now new pieces have been down and they look just as amazing and are worth checking out. The Murals in the Market event is being spearheaded by 1xRun, which also has limited run prints available from the artists as well. If you enjoy good art, then I definitely suggest checking this out. The overall event is nearing the end, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t check out some of the great art being produced. (Via Fox 2 and MLive)

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