A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The S.H. Figuarts Freddie Mercury Figure

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Not sure how I missed this one, but a few days ago Bandai posted to their official YouTube channel a behind-the-scenes video showing some of the process that went into the creation of their S.H. Figuarts Freddie Mercury figure. This is the latest in their celebrity based figures joining the likes of Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and the upcoming Bruce Lee. The S.H. Figuarts Freddie Mercury will be available in March 2016. Pre-orders are now being taken, you might still be able to find some that haven’t sold out. In the meantime, check out this video describing the digital coloring technique that goes into these figures.

The Future Is Now, Forested Tower “La Tour des Cedres” Coming Soon to Switzerland

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Saw this over at Discovery.com today, the Swiss are building a crazy mixed residential and retail building that will also be a vertical forest too. When one pictures a future’esque world in a sci-fi story, one might picture the design for this 26-story structure called, La Tour des Cedres (or Cedar Trees Tower). Set to begin construction in 2017 — the building will be found in Lausanne, Switzerland — “will also incorporate an array of sustainable energy technologies, including a rainwater collection system, solar panels and ground source heat pumps.” This really looks amazing and it something I would expect no less from the Swiss in design. I do hope it does become a reality and is the inspiration and direction for much more to come.

Review: ONE-PUNCH MAN Ep. 7: “The Supreme Pupil”

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

For those that are keeping track and interested, the events of this episode are from the first half of Volume 4 of the One-Punch Man manga.

From the opening of this episode of One-Punch Man, you know that this is going to be a big one. A giant meteor has changed course and is now heading towards Earth, or more specifically towards City Z. The Hero Association calls in their S Class heroes, but get no responders to this disaster. Genos is called into action and when he arrives at the Hero Association City Z headquarters, he is met by Bang, Class S rank 3, a.k.a. Silver Fang. This is where Genos, and us the viewers, learn that this is considered a threat level, Dragon, a worst case scenario.

After being told that all other S Class heroes wouldn’t come to help, Genos runs to help and try to stop the fall of the meteor to save City Z and his master, Saitama. This is where we are introduced to the hero, Bofoi, a.k.a. Metal Knight. It is revealed that this powerful hero that takes cues from Iron Man, is only there to test his latest weapon and doesn’t really care about the city or the people in it. Genos steps up — after Metal Knight’s attempt to stop the meteor with his new weapon — and unleashes his new upgrade. Just when it looks like he might be the one to stop it, it becomes clear that something more powerful is needed.

Enter Saitama.

After telling Bang to help Genos, Saitama unleashes his strength upon the meteor and shatters it. Though he does stop it, there is quite the fallout from the fragments, laying waste to much of City Z. All of this is just in the first half of the episode too!

The Good: Seeing Genos cutting loose to save City Z and his master, Saitama. The Tank-top Brothers — Tiger and Black Hole — they the are perfect comedy relief.

The Bad: Honestly, each week I try to find something that I don’t like, but this show is just too much fun. It doesn’t take itself serious at all, and is a blast to watch.

Overall, One-Punch Man episode 7 is one hell of a ride. From the intense action of the first half to the emotion in the second half. There are plenty of laughs in between as well. Definitely check it out!

Review: Limbo #1, Magic, Murder and Mystery In The South

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Released this week from Image comes Limbo #1 from pretty much unknown writer Dan Watters and artist Caspar Wijngaard. The series takes place (so far) in Delande City — something that resembles New Orleans — in the deep South. But like the city it takes inspiration from, Delande City has something dark and sinister hiding in the shadows. There is magic, murder and mystery lurking there.

We are introduced to Clay, an amnesic private investigator whom only has memories from the last nine months. He doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. While he tries to solve that mystery, he helps others in need as an investigator.

The rest of the supporting cast in this first issue are: Sandy, a voodoo spirit vanquisher; Bridgette, a beautiful club singer who hires Clay; The Thumb, a crime boss whom everyone fears; and the Fishmen, swamp residents that have a dark secret.

This first issue delivers the three M’s (magic, murder and mystery) in spades. It lays out the questions and plenty of them too. You are immediately drawn into this work that all though familiar brings a new approach to it.

The Good: Interesting story that makes for a great alternative to the spandex world of superheroes. Wijngaard’s art is simple yet detailed enough that you spend time examining it for the little details. It at times reminds me of Paul Pope’s work. The coloring — which I’m assuming Wijngaard does as well — sets a mood perfect for this dark world.

The Bad: For now, waiting a month until the next issue!

Overall Limbo #1 was an excellent debut for Watters and Wijngaard. They delivered something that many creators strive to do these days in comics, an interesting story that makes you want to return for more.

Review: Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift #1, Fans Will Enjoy More Story of Jaegers and Kaiju

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

In 2013 the Pacific Rim film was not the only story told from that universe, there was also a graphic novel prequel story, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero. Since then fans have wanting more. More stories with the Jaegers and Kaiju and Legendary has been listening.

This past week through their comic book imprint, Legendary released Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift #1. The new official series is from writer Joshua Fialkov (The Bunker, I, Vampire, Doctor Who) and featuring artwork by Marcos Marz (Batman Confidential, Blackest Night: JSA). The story goes back to the start of it all, when the Kaiju first started to come through the breach.

In the first issue we join the pilots — husband and wife, Duc and Kaori — of the Mark-1 Jaeger known as Tacit Ronin who are in the middle of a fight with Kaiju. Throughout the issue we go back and forth between present time and the past when the two pilots first meet, giving us a little history on them as they struggle to put down the Kaiju.

The Good: It’s more Pacific Rim. If the movie sequel never happens then this is a decent consolation. It features the really cool design of the Japanese Jaeger, Tacit Ronin. Great looking art, that looks gorgeous in the Jaeger and Kaiju fight scenes.

The Bad: Nothing stands out as bad yet, still too early. The art in a few panels feels stiff.

Overall, if you are a fan of the Pacific Rim movie and are eager for more while we wait for the on and off again Pacific Rim 2, then you might want to check out Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift #1.

Review: Paper Girls #2, The Adventure Continues To Hook You With More Mystery

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

I reviewed the first issue of Paper Girls, the creator owned series from Brian K. Vaughn (Saga) and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman), and instantly fell in love with it. It kicked things off with the right amount of mystery and nostalgia. By the end of the issue we were left with so many questions and no answers.

Things picked it right where that issue left off and the Paper Girls are not sure what they saw, other than it being a “monster”. They soon learn that there is something worse than the mysterious creature that took their walkie-talkie. But what is going on here?

We have monsters, or aliens; flying creatures, or dinosaurs; time travel; and people disappearing. So what exactly is going on here? Vaughn definitely has me hooked as I feel like this could easily be a Spielberg movie.

The Good: A fun read with mystery and great elements of decades past.

The Bad: Only 22 pages of story. I know this is the standard, but I could easily read more, much more, of this story.

Overall, Paper Girls #2 is another great issue with the right amount of mystery to keep you wanting more. Though I do hope they start giving some answers, or some idea of what is going on by the end of next issue.