Hasbro Is NOT Attending the 2014 JoeCon

toy-news-and-talkIf you thought there was a chance Hasbro might be attending the 2014 G.I.Joe Collectors Convention 50th Anniversary Celebration, then you were will be disappointed to find out they won’t be coming. HissTank reached out to Hasbro to get a definitive answer on the topic and they did. Hasbro says they are not attending.

The G.I. Joe brand team at Hasbro has been dismantled and is working on other projects at Hasbro. There is nobody to send. So it looks like the 50th Anniversary of G.I. Joe will not be celebrated at the 2014 JoeCon in Dallas, Texas next month by Hasbro.

I hate to break it to you, but G.I. Joe is on life support now. With the only Joe product coming out in celebration of the 50th Anniversary being a Toys R Us Exclusive, this is going to be a quiet year for Joe. Just be ready for that. (Source: HissTank)

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  • joe

    Maybe theres joe transformers idea in the works?

    • http://www.flyingninjakick.com/ Jason

      I would say that possibility is slim to none. Hasbro has stated time and time again, they won’t be mixing the two properties.