Exclusive LEGO Shop Employee Minifigure Images and How to Get It!

toy-news-and-talkAn interesting exclusive LEGO minifigure has been revealed. The minifigure is the LEGO Shop Employee and it is only available through the LEGO Shop online. With thanks to Bricks And Bloks reader Mark, whom shared some photos of his #5001622 LEGO Shop Employee minifigure he received. He was sent the figure for making a purchase on the LEGO Shop online. He purchased $75 worth of merchandise, but the exact dollar amount one must buy is unknown.

It is believed any order from the LEGO Shop will receive the minifigure. This is added after the fact, before your items are shipped. So you will not see it in your cart online or on the invoice. Best of luck to everyone interested in this minifigure, hope you get one for your collection. (Source: Bricks & Bloks)

lego-shop-employee-exclusive-minifigure-01 lego-shop-employee-exclusive-minifigure-02 lego-shop-employee-exclusive-minifigure-03 lego-shop-employee-exclusive-minifigure-04

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