2014 LEGO Ninjago Sets #70721, #70722 and #70723 Revealed

toy-news-and-talkYesterday I shared how LEGO was giving their Ninjago line a reboot for 2014, and an eBay auction for an upcoming Ninjago minifigure gave us a better look at what to expect. Well now thanks to some listings on Kmart.com, we have a great look at three sets. So have a look at the 2014 LEGO Ninjago sets #70721 Ninjago Kai Fighter ($19.99), #70722 Ninjago OverBorg Attack ($19.99) and #70723 Ninjago Thunder Raider ($29.99). The listings say they are unavailable, but Kmart is known for putting listings up ahead of time. These will be available at a later date. (Source: Toys N Bricks)

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