Kre-O G.I. Joe Wave 2 Single Blind Packs Found at Retail

toy-news-and-talkHeads up Joe fans, forum member Tron has found and purchased Kre-O G.I. Joe Wave 2 Single Blind Packs at a local Toys R Us store. Based on this profile information, he is in Southern California. Tron purchased three packs, and has provided the codes from them. They are:

  • Cobra BAT (31831 58)
  • Cobra EEL (31831 86)
  • Dr Mindbender (31831 87)

For blindly buying them, he certainly lucked out with what he bought. Certainly hoping that Hasbro has increased production for Wave 2, since Wave 1 sold out fast and has not been restocked for most. So it looks like it is time to start hunting again. While you are out, you can look for the Wave 2 G.I. Joe Ghoststriker X16 with Cobra ASP set too. (Source: HissTank)


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