NECA’s Pacific Rim Series 2 Images and Pre-Order

toy-news-and-talkContinuing with their successful Pacific Rim Series, they have released pre-orders for Series 2. This wave of figures includes the Jaegers Striker Eureka and a “Battle Damaged” Gipsy Danger with arm swords, plus another Kaiju, this time around Leatherback. Each figure stands 6–8 inches tall. Pacific Rim Series 2 are due to arrive in October 2013. You can currently pre-order them at BigBadToyStore here. There are official images of Striker Eureka and Leatherback below. The “Battle Damaged” Gipsy Danger currently does not have a press image available.

neca-pacific-rim-series-2-striker-eureka neca-pacific-rim-series-2-leatherback

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