Preview of New Marvel Original Graphic Novel, ‘Avengers Endless Wartime’

comic-book-newsMarvel has released some preview pages for the first original graphic novel in a few years. The new graphic novel is titled Avengers: Endless Wartime is from writer Warren Ellis with art by Mike McKone. This project is for both new and existing readers, with the Avengers line-up closer to the movie, but features other characters such as Captain Marvel and Wolverine. The story, is about the Eastern nation of Slorinia, where a threat arises – a mysterious threat that is tied not only to a tech company that is providing hostile weapons to folks who shouldn’t have them but also that ties back to experiences Captain America has had in his past as well as Thor’s history,” Brevoort said of the story which he pitched as a “movie-like” adventure for the team. Avengers: Endless Wartime will be available in October from Marvel Comics. (Source: Comics Beat & CBR)

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