First Look at Updated Ice Warriors from Doctor Who Series 7

television-news-and-talkRecently a report of the first episode details for the return of Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2, it was revealed that not only would we be seeing updated Cybermen, but also updated Ice Warriors in Series 7, Part 2. Now, one of the charms of Doctor Who has been the interesting, albeit pretty wacky looking aliens featured on the show over the years. And let’s be honest, the Ice Warriors are one such alien race. If you look below, along with the image of the updated 2013 Ice Warriors, I’ve posted an image of the Ice Warriors from the early 1970s. Quite the difference. Let goofy looking, but still maintains that Doctor Who look and feel to it. Look for the Ice Warriors to appear during Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2 which premieres on Easter Weekend, March 30th, 2013. (Source: SFX via Doctor Who TV)

doctor-who-new-ice-warrior-from-series-7-2013 doctor-who-ice-warrior-1967-bw doctor-who-ice-warrior-1967-color

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